About me

I was born in 1981, in the Republic of Armenia, in Vanadzor. Graduated from school number 1. Since school years I have been interested in literature. I started writing poems when I was 13 years old and took part in theatrical events and performances.
In 1998 I entered Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography, faculty of theatre directing.
In 1999 won a special prize at the literary competition “Young artist of the end of the Century”.
In 2001 I staged “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach, which won the “Best Director” award at the annual competition organized by the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography.
In 2002, while studying at university, I founded “M.E.G.A” art-theatrical organization and as a result of its activities I created the “Art” magazine for the students.
In 2002 I staged “Alive Shadows” based on the “Caligula” play by Albert Camus.
In 2003 I graduated from Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography with a diploma of excellence.
In 2005 became interested in cinema. From 2006-2013 I worked in “Shoghakat” TV channel as a director.
From 2013-2014 I worked as a director at “Panorama” production in Moscow, Russia.
From 2014 till now have been working as a director at “Stop snyato” production in Moscow, Russia.